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a City Council Leader for All the people

​UPDATE: 11.29.21

My name is Dana Dominguez, and on 11/02/21 the people of West Liberty showed up and voted. I will be sworn in as one of three of the newest city council members on December 21! I will be updating this website to document my journey.

Please join me and come along for the ride.


Growing up here in this small town, experiencing the unique existence of different races, ethnicities, and beliefs throughout my childhood, and having a supportive, blended family, committed teachers, coaches, and other parents who care- that's what made me, me


When I came back to Iowa to start a family, I chose West Liberty because I wanted my children to have that same support that I did- understanding that being a newly-single mother of two, who had to work sometimes 3 jobs to make ends meet, would not be easy. I had to come home so that my kids would have a chance like I did. But when I came back, it wasn't the same community I remembered leaving.

The community I remember, found ways to shatter all of the negative stereotypes put upon low-income, communities of color, year after year. The community I remembered, was ranked in the top 10 best high schools in the state of Iowa, until finally making it to number one. We were ranked the 6th safest cities in Iowa that same year, and our students - many of them bilingual or trilingual by HS graduation, thanks to the dual language program - went off to do extraordinary things like go to college, publish books, compete in division 1 athletics, and/or become great parents who continued the cycle.


Our story was unique, powerful, and it was an honor to have been a part of it.


I now live in a community who's divide is widening each and every day - politically, economically, and racially... As we continue to fight and struggle amongst ourselves, our children's' test scores go down, their mental health gets damaged, their futures-altered. - our future, altered.


For some reason, we've lost our spirit of the community who once pitched in and helped raise ALL of these kids, together. I've seen it done, and I want to bring it back. I want to rebuild the strength of what we once had and make it a story worth telling, once more. 

My platform consists of ways on how to do that.

We can work together to build our reputation back up, attract new, fresh faces who will see this city as a place of opportunity and build upon our community's success, one that will provide a long list of successful people who will come back and invest in our communities and start the cycle once more....We owe it to each other, and our children, to fulfill our potential and regain our reputation as a leader in unity. 

Yours in service,

Dana Dominguez


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